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What the fxxx is wrong with Guerlain to use such a pathetic PR photo of Thierry Wasser. Stiff and boring, just the opposite of how the man is. This is a bad sign…


ゲラン専属調香師ティエリー ワッサー/Thierry Wasserのプレス用の写真が、あまりにひどいのでびっくり。縁起があまりよろしくありません。ゲラン移籍第一弾となる「オム」も大分妥協してしまったような出来だという話を聞きました。少し先行きが心配です。

Zaha x Melissa

The Brazilian shoemaker Melissa, known for their collaborations with some of the hottest designers from different fields, teamed up with Zaha Hadid this time. They built a massive sculpture of the shoe to show off the design (video below).


The video reminds me a lot of what I used to do when I was a more productive and constructive person. My old studios in DUMBO looked quite similar to what you see here. Those are the good old days.