Wine and Design

Photo © Matthew Donaldson

Glassware With a Surreal Bent Captured By Acclaimed Photographer Matthew Donaldson

The concept of “modern” wine was born in 1976 after the now infamous “Judgement of Paris,” when several Californian varietals triumphed in a blind taste test against much-lauded French vintages (later immortalized in Randall Miller’s 2008 film Bottle Shock). From that watershed moment, minds and palettes across the globe were opened to vintages from the New World, as evidenced in the exhibition How Wine Became Modern: Design + Wine 1976 to Now, currently at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art.
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A stripped-down beauty

When I was a kid in Japan, I didn’t know Ted Turner was a businessman. I thought his job was to helm racing yachts. Courageous was my favorite yacht – it had the most beautiful form among all the different kinds of racing crafts. I thought, and still think, the most compelling stripped-down aesthetic exists in yacht racing.

I hardly wear a fragrance at all but enjoy smelling fragrance raw materials. Lately I have been intrigued by a musk molecule that is a little different from other musks. I started to wear it at 0.8% concentration level this summer. It smells like wind over the deck of a carbon/Kevlar® racer and whispers in my ear, “This beauty is light and fast, dangerous and fun!”


私がまだ十代の頃に、世界的なヨットレーサーとして活躍していたCNNの創始者テッド ターナーのことやら、最近執心の新種のムスクに感じること。

Powered by You

Watching American TV commercials is usually like flipping through Vogue US which is a lot less interesting than Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia or Vogue Japon. This new commercial by Ford, however, is quite different.

OK, it’s actually made by Ford of Canada.

Mobile Art/ Chanel Contemporary Art Container

This is not new… the previous post just reminded me of it.
And there are three good reasons for this to be a post:
1. Rendering – mesmerizingly beautiful !
2. Zaha Hadid – I’m not a big fan of her architecture but have a deep respect for a woman who thrive in a field dominated by men.
3. “Je veux être de ce qui arrive” – I love this quote by Coco Chanel.

A rendering of the mobile pavilion for Chanel designed by Zaha Hadid

The world tour starts on 02/27/08 from Hong Kong and travels to Tokyo, New York, London, Moscow and Paris.

Chanel Mobile Art
Zaha Hadid Architects
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