Photo © Yoshiharu Hama
The latest work by Atsushi and Mayumi Kawamoto of mA-Style in Shizuoka is called Green Mountain. The name is apparently referring to the mound of earth created in the center of the project site.

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via mA-style (Photos © Yoshiharu Hama)
Who: Atsushi and Mayumi Kawamoto of mA-style
What: Single family residence and ‘Kendojo’
Where: Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture
When: December 2009
How: Residence – wood frame construction, Kendojo – steel frame construction
Site Area: Residence – 5,277 square feet, Kendojo – 10,487 square feet
Construction Area: Residence – 739 square feet, Kendojo – 2,483 square feet
Total Floor Area: Residence – 1,076 square feet, Kendojo – 2,305 square feet
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