Photo © Kei Sugino
The namesake of the house is the god of war and the guardian of places where Buddha preaches. The house sits near the famous Bishamondo Temple in Kyoto where Bishamonten is enshrined. As mentioned before (@ Machiya with Asymmetric Courtyard), designing a new house in a historic district of Kyoto is not easy. This is another successful case where tradition meets modern sensibility.

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Photos © Kei Sugino

© Hiroshi Yoshikawa Architects Design Office
Who: Hiroshi Yoshikawa
What: Single family residence
Where: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
When: 2005
How: Two-story wood frame construction
Site Area: 1,956 square feet (181.69m²)
Total Floor Area: 1,173 square feet (109.01m²)