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“Nana” is seven in Japnese, and “han” means half. This simple box designed to accommodate a motorcycle and its owner has only 7.5 tsubo (1 tsubo is about 35.5 square feet) of footprint area Continue Reading


The southern islands of Okinawa which has become my second home lately lie at roughly the same latitude as Hawaii, Florida, and the Bahamas. Okinawa has the most beautiful beaches in all of Japan with coral reefs and enjoys above 70 degree Fahrenheit weather for most of the year Continue Reading

Makiko Tsukada Architects

In 1995, after working for Shigeru Ban Architect, Makiko Tsukada set out to start her own practice in Tokyo.

Tsukada’s highly refined design sensibilities could be attributed to her earlier experiences at Obayashi Corporation, one of the major construction/engineering company in Japan, and at Minoru Takeyama Architect & U/A.

We are always excited to see works by female architects!

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