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Carlos Benaim ~ 調香師 カルロス・ベナイム

Carlos Benaim ~ 調香師 カルロス・ベナイム

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世界的な調香師カルロス・ベナイムの代表作のひとつに、S-PERFUMEの『ムスク S』が取り上げられています。

Some perfumers in the industry have had a hand in many groundbreaking fragrances that defined eras. Carlos Benaim, best known for some of these timeless legends like Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds, or Antonio Puig’s Quorum, is one such perfumer and he continues to make scents that define eras, break traditions or establish them. Some of his recent work includes perfumes for the Diana Vreeland collection and the Treasures of Safari perfumes from Ralph Lauren. But whether it is an early classic or a new twist on a beloved genre, Carlos is one of the most discerning and dedicated perfumers in the field today, having a vast technical knowledge and subtlety of hand that has created some of the world’s most cherished fragrant memories.
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A Lab on Fire at Le Grand Musée du Parfum

昨年12月にフォーブル・サントノレ通りにオープンした ル・グラン・ミュゼ・デュ・パルファン(香水大博物館)に A Lab on Fire の香水が勢揃い。パリにいらした際は、是非立ち寄ってみてください。