Photos ©Naohiko Hino
To anyone’s eye, the name describes the appearance of this house. “Tofu” was designed by a Kyoto-based architect Jun Tamaki in 1997 for a couple as their future retirement home. This simple but distinctive design has stood the test of time.

Who: Jun Tamaki of TAMAKI Architectural Atelier
What: Single family residence (2 adults)
Where: Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
When: 1997 (completion)
How: One-story steel frame construction
Site Area: 2171 square feet (201.68m²)
Construction Area: 1204 square feet (111.84m²)
Total Floor Area: 1204 square feet (111.84m²)

(Below are images from Tamaki’s website)








via TAMAKI Architectural Atelier